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Will The Flying Public Mask Their Feelings?

Earlier today, a U.S. District Court Judge overturned the  mask mandate for planes and other modes of transportation.  As a result of the judge’s ruling, the TSA will not be enforcing the mandate that had just recently been   extended for another 15 days. 

This  ruling has the potential to unleash pandemonium across airports and planes nationally.  Just imagine being at any gate at any airport as word started to circulate of the ruling and those who were in favor started unmasking. Now take that thought to the skies as folks with Wi-Fi started to ditch their masks at 30,000 feet, leaving unknowing flight attendants to deal with the aftermath. 

The News At 11 stories write themselves. This one ruling, whether right or wrong, can, for days if not weeks, make flying commercially a literal tinderbox, easily ignited by anyone on either side of the issue.

Alternatively, when you book your next private flight with Flewber, on the Flewber app (which, by the way, drops its newest version today!) you’ll be flying only with those you know, and masking is up to you.  You’ll get no cross stares and face no consequences waiting at the gate either as our “Tap, Pack & Go” technology also gives you the convenience of driving your car planeside to board and be on your way.

So as we all hope for calm at the airports and in the skies, remember, Flewber and the Flewber app gives you an alternative to the potential chaos that could ensue.


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