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At Flewber Luxe, our staff has proudly been serving our clients’ private jet charter needs for the past two decades. Our goal is to supply luxurious or “Luxe” jet charters along with the highest aviation safety standards. Our trained professional team at Flewber Luxe knows that you work hard for your money, therefore, we do as well. Our greatest reward is your next request for a charter flight.

We approach every charter jet request as an opportunity to exceed your expectations and provide a “Luxe” level of service that you not only deserve, but one that we want to become synonymous with the Flewber Luxe name. Whether you’re flying from Teterboro or Opa Locka, Van Nuys or Pitkin, Nice or Barcelona, Hong Kong or Singapore, or anything in between, we’ve got you covered with over 7000 aircraft available.

Wyvern & Argus Ratings

Safety is Always

Safety isn’t just a cliché at Flewber Luxe.  We believe that, with every private charter you book, flight safety should be a mandated tenet of how we operate.

Our team will only use private charter carriers that meet and exceed the highest degree of Wyvern & Argus ratings for safety standards. Wyvern and Argus are aircraft safety consultation and auditing firms that provide an independent rating system for aircraft operators around the world. Private aircraft that meet the lofty standards set forth by these companies are considered to rank well above those that are not involved in their programs.

When you book your next private flight with Flewber Luxe, you’ll know that we are putting you first by putting safety first.

Industry Leaders

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Peace of Mind

Our management team at Flewber Luxe are more than just the innovators who brought the private air charter industry the Flewber App, we are also innovators who believe that we can have an impact on improving the environment.

When you book your next private charter flight, you will be able to do it with an environmental peace of mind. Flewber Luxe has identified several of the leading carbon offset charities that we will be donating a portion of our profits to in order to allow them to utilize their programs to mitigate our emissions.

At Flewber Luxe, we are always looking for new ways to “Innovate”, “Improve” and “Impact” the private air charter industry.


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From our experienced and knowledgeable staff, to our unmatched attention to detail and ability to book the flights you need, when you need them, you won’t be disappointed when you choose Flewber Luxe.

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