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What is Flewber?

Flewber is a groundbreaking private jet charter and travel app, driving more connectivity through shared experiences. The Flewber app connects users with a marketplace of regional (Flewber Xpress), and long-range (Flewber LX) private flights throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. Flewber utilizes its own aircraft along with a network of partner operators. Book or Bid on flights to get unheard-of pricing on anything from air taxi to luxury private jets to smaller regional aircraft. Like ridesharing services allow people to locate many types of cars for hire, Flewber empowers passengers to locate and book private flights from a wide variety of operators, and share their booking and their flight with a group of friends or colleagues.

How does Flewber work?

Did you know there are likely dozens of airports nearby you, right now? They’re not as commonly known compared to major hubs, but Flewber finds them for you. Open the app to find the available flights and book or bid. Not sure? No problem. Just enter the departure/destination and allow the technology to display available options. Within hours you’ll be booked to your preferred destination.

Flewber is a better way to fly

Whether heading out of town for the day on business, looking for a weekend getaway to a regional destination, or flying across country; Flewber offers private flights on demand at reasonable rates. Thanks to Flewber, regional and long-range air travel is easier and more accessible than ever before. Book available flights, skip the crowded airport, and fly in comfort, ease and style, all without delay.

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Flewber's Story

How It All Started

Flewber began in 2018 with a mission to make private air travel accessible, affordable, and efficient. Founder Marc Sellouk wanted to do for private aviation what ridesharing had done for terrestrial travel. To do so, he brought together a team of tech experts and aviation specialists to develop a user-friendly app for booking flights. 

With the tech platform developed and tested, it was time to scale the model. The company’s brokerage firm had built a large network of private operators, and Flewber’s app could connect them directly to travelers. This network, powered by Flewber, makes it easy to book your flight and get in the air without the crowds, TSA lines, and hassles of commercial flying.

That’s why Flewber is already a leader in private aviation in the Northeast, serving more airports out of the New York area than the three leading commercial airlines combined. See what makes Flewber a better way to fly.

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