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What’s the difference between Flewber Hops and the Flewber Luxe?

Flewber Hops, booked using the Flewber app, is a precursor to eVTOL air mobility, paving the way for a future of on-demand urban (UAM) and regional (RAM) air mobility. Powered by the new Flewber app, Flewber Hops, our affordable on-demand air taxi service that brings the ease of ridesharing from the street to the sky by placing the convenience of little known local and regional airports pared with modern aircraft in the palm of your hand.

Flewber Luxe offers unparalleled private jet experiences, for those seeking the ultimate in personalized luxury with a global reach. Our white-glove service anticipates your every need, from ground transportation to exquisite in-flight catering, ensuring a truly unforgettable journey curated to your exact specifications. Flewber Luxe trips are booked directly with Luxe aviation specialists.

When will Flewber Hops service be in my area?

Flewber Hops service is initially launching in the northeast. Flewber is actively planning to expand our service area, bringing the ease and speed of Flewber Hops personal air mobility to more destinations across the country. To stay ahead of the curve, sign up for Flewber Hops alerts and be the first to know when Flewber Hops will land in your city.

How will I know if my flight is delayed?

In the event of a delay, you will either be notified through a Flewber app push notification or directly from a Flewber customer service representative.

Where do I go to board my Flewber Hops or Luxe flights?

Both Flewber Hops and Flewber Luxe flights depart and arrive from executive terminals called FBO’s (Fixed Base Operation). For both Hops and Luxe trips, simply arrive at the departing FBO listed on your itinerary 15 minutes prior to your scheduled departure. FBO’s generally have ample parking and most have free valet service. Before boarding, all adults will be asked to show a government-issued ID.

If I’m the only passenger, will my Hops by the seat flight still operate?

Flewber Hops flights will always operate with few exceptions like bad weather or other regulated flight restrictions. So, yes, even if you’re the only passenger on your Hops by the seat flight, it will still operate. We may offer you a discount on a future Hops flight if you move your booking to another time, but if you don’t want to accept the offer, you don’t have to.

Does my flight make stops on the way to my destination?

If you booked a Hops by the seat flight, it will not make more than one stop on the way to your final destination. If you booked a Flewber Hops whole aircraft or Flewber Luxe flight, it will only make the stops that were requested by you at the time of booking.

Can I bring a pet?

Flewber Hops allows one (1) dog or cat on each trip.  The maximum pet weight for a Flewber Hops flight is 50lbs.  In most cases, multiple pets are allowed on Flewber Luxe trips. Please email or give us a call at (833)-359-5893  to find out about a specific aircraft or booking, or to let us know if you have any special needs for your furry companions.

Is there food and beverage on the flight?

Due to the short duration of Flewber Hops per-seat flights, only bottled water is provided. For Flewber Hops whole aircraft bookings, light snacks and non-alcoholic beverages are always available. Our Flewber Luxe flights come with a wide range of catering options and all types of beverages.

What happens after I land?

Disembarking your Flewber Hops flight is designed to be a quick and easy experience. Once your flight lands, the pilot will taxi to the designated arrival area and assist you with disembarking the aircraft. If you have a travel bag, it will be unloaded directly from the aircraft and given to you. Flewber Hops does not currently offer ground transportation services. However, you can conveniently hail a ride-sharing service using your favorite app or arrange other transportation to your final destination beforehand. If you have any questions or require assistance upon landing, feel free to ask the pilot before disembarking.

If I booked a round-trip flight, where do I meet the aircraft for my return trip?

For return flights on round-trip bookings, you’ll meet the aircraft at the same location where it dropped you off. All boarding addresses will be listed on your booking confirmation email for Flewber Hops flights and on your trip sheet for Flewber Luxe flights.


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