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Flewber is a groundbreaking technology platform bringing the true on-demand air taxi to the skies . Flewber connects travelers to hundreds of private aircraft throughout the Northeast. The company leverages its own aircraft along with a vast network of partner-operators, to deliver on-demand, private, regional flights. Best of all, Flewber lets travelers skip the crowded airport and security checkpoints. Simply book your flight the same day and arrive 15 minutes before your flight. Flewber makes private air travel easy, accessible, and the experience of a lifetime.
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"An all-around wonderful experience, whether you’re taking a same day regional private flight for business, or a weekend trip flying private with the family. "

Regional Flights

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Greater Northeast U.S.

Private aviation like you've never experienced before

The Experience

Book flights on-demand

Select private flights in real-time

Simply open the app, book your flight in real time, and fly to your destination the same day.

Skip the airport

No crowds, no TSA lines.

Arrive 15 minutes before your flight and relax in Flewber’s business lounge. Then, board your flight and take off.

Fly regionally

Serving the greater Northeast

Flewber’s fleet and network of partner-operators means hundreds of aircraft available to serve dozens of regional routes.

Experience the Flewber Advantage

Regional private flights on-demand.

A Better Way to Fly

See what makes Flewber the new leader in private aviation.

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