At Flewber, we’re not waiting for the future, we’re building it.

Introducing Flewber Hops, a precursor to eVTOL air mobility, paving the way for a future of on-demand urban (UAM) and regional (RAM) air mobility. Powered by the new Flewber app, Flewber Hops, our affordable on-demand air taxi service that brings the ease of ridesharing from the street to the sky by placing the convenience of little known local and regional airports pared with modern aircraft in the palm of your hand. 

Giving Lift To Life

Fly above the noise and let Flewber Hops, our on-demand air taxi service, make personal air mobility a simple, time saving and affordable option. Escape traffic congestion and time-consuming commutes, arriving at your destination refreshed and ready to live your day your way.
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Time For What Matters

Your time is precious, and Flewber Hops puts you in control of it. Using convenient uncongested local airports, and an on-demand booking process that can get you on your way in as little as 2 hours after scheduling your trip, you’ll have more time for what matters most to you.
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Simple Affordable Convenience

With prices that are comparable to land-based rideshares for trips of equal distance, Flewber Hops redefines on-demand mobility by prioritizing both affordability and convenience. Whether you’re planning a weekend excursion, a business trip, or just want to get somewhere faster, Flewber Hops lets you say goodbye to the traffic and hello to a new way to get around.
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Safe and Sustainable Travel

With the Cirrus Vision Jet, we’re building a fleet unparalleled safety and sustainability. With features such as the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System® and autonomous Safe Return™ technology along with the Vision Jet’s fuel efficiency, SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuel) compatibility, and industry-leading low CO2 emissions, we’re not waiting for the future, we’re building a safe and more sustainable path to it.
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A Better Travel Experience

Book Your Flight

Over 1,400 Itineraries

Simply choose between our per seat or the whole aircraft services, schedule your trip and be on your way in as little as 2 hours.

Save Time

No Crowds, no traffic

Arrive 15 minutes before your flight and relax in a private business class lounge. Then sit back and enjoy your private flight. 

Enjoy Your Trip

It’s That Easy

This is how travel was meant to be. Simple, time saving and affordable.

About Flewber

Bridging the gap between cutting-edge aircraft and a better traveler experience

At Flewber, we’re not waiting for the future, we’re building it. We’re revolutionizing air travel, offering a comprehensive suite of air mobility solutions designed to fit your needs and budget. We understand that getting from point A to B shouldn’t be a hassle. That’s why Flewber provides a range of options, from budget-friendly to luxury, all designed to transform your travel experience.

Flewber Hops

Flewber Hops represents an exciting step towards the future of transportation, serving as a steppingstone to Urban Air Mobility (UAM) and Regional Air Mobility (RAM) solutions. 

Avoid the crowds and congestion with Flewber Hops, our innovative on-demand air taxi service. Perfect for short-distance trips, Flewber Hops powered by the Flewber app allows you to book a single seat or the entire aircraft for a simple, time-saving, and affordable journey. Busy professionals can zip across town for meetings, while couples, friends, and families can enjoy a quick getaway or skip the traffic on a special occasion. Go from booking to boarding on your schedule in as little as 2 hours and enjoy the convenience of on-demand personal air mobility.

Flewber Luxe

For those seeking the ultimate in personalized luxury with a global reach, Flewber Luxe offers unparalleled private jet experiences. Our white-glove service anticipates your every need, from ground transportation to exquisite in-flight catering, ensuring a truly unforgettable journey curated to your exact specifications.

A Complete Air Mobility Ecosystem

Flewber is committed to building a future of accessible, affordable, convenient, and environmentally responsible personal air mobility. Whether you’re seeking a faster and more efficient commute or desiring a touch of luxury, Flewber has a solution for you. Let the sky be your highway with Flewber Hops for quick and easy trips or experience the pinnacle of comfort and service with Flewber Luxe.

Here's how it works:

Download the Flewber app and register

Choose per seat or whole aircraft booking

Search by city and state for the closest airport

Be on your way in as little as 2 hours


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"An all-around wonderful experience, whether you’re taking a regional private flight for business, or a holiday trip flying private with the family."

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Modern Comfort, Sustainability and Safety.

In advance of the availability of eVTOL aircraft, all Flewber Hops will be flown in the Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet and operated by our own FAA certificated air-taxi. The SF50 has the largest cabin in its class, is equipped with autonomous landing capabilities and uses only a quarter of the fuel of similar aircraft. Additionally, the SF50 is the only aircraft in its class that can run on sustainable biofuel.

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