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The New and Revamped Flewber App Dropped Today!

It’s with great excitement that we are happy to announce that the latest version of the Flewber app is out today, Tuesday, April 19th.  This new release drives more connectivity through shared experiences. Connecting users to each other as well as providing access to a marketplace of true on-demand, regional (Flewber Xpress), and long-range (Flewber LX) private flights throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean.

Here are some of the highlights: 

Book, Bid & Share

With the Book or Bid features, users, after entering their flight details, will have the ability to “Book” a flight instantly or choose to place a “Bid” for that same flight, to save up to 40% off the already low Flewber price. Once a Bid is placed, we will look to match your price point with one of the thousands of aircraft in the Flewber marketplace.  When notified of a match or counteroffer, you’ll have 15 minutes to accept the pricing.  We believe that this feature will be a big hit with those looking to fly private on a budget.

The “Share” feature is another innovative way to reduce out of pocket spending by giving you the ability to invite friends along for the ride, and optionally have them pay their share of the cost directly to you.  With one tap of our new “Share” button, after flight details have been entered, you will be linked directly to your preferred social media platform to let your friends and family know that you’re looking to plan a group trip.  Be it an out-of-town concert, a destination wedding or seeing your favorite team play a big away game, the possibilities are endless. Just tap, post, collect the money from your friends and enjoy the flight!

Searching For Airports Just Got Easier Too!

When we were developing each of our new enhancements, we also wanted to give you an easier way to know which airports are closer to you as well as your destination.  So, in this new version of the Flewber app, you now have 2 ways to search for airports.  You can search by airport code, if you know exactly which one you want, or you can search by address and even point of interest!  Don’t know the closest private or public airport to the place you want to visit? Just enter the address of the person or place that you’re visiting in the search bar and the app will show you!  Not sure of the closest airport to a place like a ballpark, concert hall, amusement park or just about anything else?  Just type in the name of the point of interest and our app’s map will populate with the closest airports to where you want to go.

So, there you have it,  some highlights from our new app release.  We hope you like them, and we look forward to fulfilling your next booking.

Click to Download the Flewber mobile application

*if you have an old version installed, please remove it first.


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