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Taking The Plane To The Bus?  That’s Not Going To Fly at Flewber.

We’ve all had those moments in life.  You’re just going about your daily routine when suddenly, you see, hear, or read something that causes you to wonder if you’re being “Punk’d” – you look for the hidden cameras, wonder who devised this brilliant scheme to pull a fast one on you, or check the calendar to see if you may have been captured by aliens and returned to Earth on April Fools’ Day.  Then suddenly, as the fog in your mind clears, you realize with dumbfounded amazement that no, your local paper, TV station or internet news site didn’t get bought out by the Onion or Babylon Bee; this (insert expletive) is real!

Such was our reaction when we first heard that some airlines, due to a pilot shortage that they exacerbated, were going to offer connecting bus services on certain regional routes.  We pondered for a moment, chin in hand, as to who would have come up with such a ridiculous idea, only to have that thought train derailed by the question of what executive had the total lack of regard for their passengers, as they exclaimed “Let’s do it!”?  The jokes just write themselves – Airlines reduce turbulence by incorporating potholes; Airlines are putting the rubber to the road in an attempt to reduce fleet emissions, and so on.  But really, it’s no fun punching down.  So rather than drone on and take more pot-shots at the obvious, I’m going to take the high road (he says with a smirk) and talk about how we do things  here at Flewber.

Unlike commercial airlines, we put the comfort and convenience of the customer first, not last. We would never consider the idea of putting customers on a bus for any portion of their itinerary. The only time we think you should experience wheel on pavement is on take offs and landings. Everyone that works at Flewber is lucky in the sense that executive doors and ears are always open and welcoming.  Just a couple of hours before writing this blog, I had a phone call with our COO. As is usually the case when we speak, the conversation quickly centered on you, our customers, and how we can better serve you.  Avi is that rare breed of person who is as caring and pragmatic as he is smart. One of Avi’s most important topics and projects is what he has coined “The Flewber Touch”.  Better explained, The Flewber Touch is always striving, through actual human interactions with you (what a concept) to go the extra mile for our most cherished stakeholder, you, our customer.

You see, yes, Flewber is an application on your phone; we help you get from point A to point B and back again; but really, we’re a hybrid application because once you tap the “pay and confirm” button on your app, the human side of Flewber takes over. At that exact moment when other service providing apps send you a number and move on, that’s the moment that Avi and the entirety of the team behind the technology swoop in and do their best to enhance your private flying experience with the human side of the company or as we’ve all come to call it, The Flewber Touch.  We watch the weather, send pre and post flight communications to you; you may even get a call or email from yours truly. We do this in an effort to ensure that everyone who books, bids on or shares a flight through our app has as pleasant an experience as possible. Because, after all, you are the reason we’re here in the first place.

So, the next time you fly someplace, the choice is yours. You can drive to the airport; search for a parking spot; board a shuttle to the terminal; wait in a line; take off your shoes and belt; put back on your shoes and belt; find your gate; wait; board your flight to a hub; transfer to a bus that takes you to another airport; where you’ll board another shuttle to get to your car rental.  Or you can download the Flewber app, tap a few buttons on your phone and know as you arrive plane-side, at a conveniently located airport, the Flewber Touch and Flewber team is with you every step of the way.


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