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Sharing The Joy of Flying Part 1 : Bidding on Private Flights

Not a Betting Person? Use the Flewber App to Place a Bid for a Sure Thing.

For this first installment of Sharing the Joy of Flying, we’re going to let you in on a secret that won’t be a secret for long; You don’t have to be rich to fly private.

So, for those of you playing the lottery, trying to think of new inventions, taking acting lessons or working on your first hit single by singing in the shower, don’t stop following your dreams.  Just know that if you’re trying to strike it rich so you can fly private, you can give those vocal cords a rest, because you probably can afford to do it right now.

You see, at Flewber, one of our main goals has always been to make the joy of private aviation an accessible option to all of those who once only thought of it as a luxury limited to the wealthiest among us.  This is why we’ve added the Bid and Share buttons to our Flewber app. By tapping on one or both of these little buttons, you, and your family, friends or colleagues can fly private for about the cost of a first-class ticket and we’re going to explain how, right now.

Before we get started, we have a PSA: Auctions got the bidding process wrong!

Well, they didn’t really get it wrong as much as Flewber has gotten it right.  At an auction, bids are designed to be a dollar amount that continuously increases until one person is left with the highest bid, and they win the item or service being auctioned. It’s a process where the odds are always stacked in the favor of the house.  At Flewber, we think that the odds should always be in your favor, so we designed a bidding process that lets you save money by allowing you to enter a price that’s up to 30% less than our standard pricing.

As we live in a big country, we always like to highlight different cities.  For this example, let’s say you and 6 of your friends live in Greenville, South Carolina and are part of a destination wedding in Nashville Tennessee. Most people would see only two options of getting there: You can all try to stuff yourselves and all of your suits and dresses into a car or two and drive the five plus hours each way (good luck with that ironing when you arrive!).  Or you can fly commercial from Greenville to Nashville with a stop in Atlanta each way (flying has to be easier than driving right?).  If you flew first class, the round trip would take about 8 hours and cost for the 7 of you would be just under $7,500.00 (but who doesn’t love a $15 burger and $4 soda to pass the hours waiting in Atlanta?!).

Well, we’re here to let you know that for almost that exact same price, you can Bid on a flight using the Flewber app and the 7 of you fly nonstop each way in an hour or less. Not only that, but you get to fly out of airports located just minutes from where you live as well as where you’re going. And you get to drive your cars right up to your plane without the hassle of all of those security checkpoints.

So, download the Flewber app and place a Bid on your next flight.  You’ll even have enough time leftover to stop at the drive-through on the way to the plane.


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