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Private Flights and Their Pilots: Who’s in the Cockpit?

Hi again Flewber Travelers!  It’s been just about a month since our latest version of the Flewber app hit the stores and the response from you and the press has been nothing short of outstanding.  For that, the entire team here at Flewber wants to express our most sincere gratitude and appreciation to you.  We’re also honored that so many writers and users have compared the ease and functionality of our app, which places affordable private flights at your fingertips, to a very well-known, get you across town, ridesharing app whose name sounds similar but starts with a U.

As a result of these lofty comparisons, we’ve also received some understandable questions about who is flying the planes that you board when you book a flight on the Flewber app. So, we thought it would be a good idea to let you know the difference.

Let’s say you’re out and about, running errands, when low and behold, you run into your neighbor who tells you that he or she just got their pilot license and are going to buy a plane.  Rest assured, they will not be flying you on your next flight booked using the Flewber app.  Unlike rideshares, where anyone with a driver’s license and car can get you where you’ve got to go, Flewber only uses airlines that are certified by the FAA and whose aircraft and pilots both pass ongoing inspections from the FAA. In particular, the airlines that we use must be certified under what’s known as FAA Part 135.  Now before you go looking up Part 135 on your favorite search engine, we can explain.  

In the world of the FAA, there are two main  types of certifications that allow an airline to fly passengers.  There is Part 121, which certifies  commercial carriers like American and United. The other is Part 135, like the airlines you board when you book with the Flewber app.  The biggest difference between the 2 is that Part 121 airlines operate using a scheduled service (or at least they try to use and stay on schedule as best as they can while you wait endlessly at airport gates) -whereas Part 135 airlines operate using, what is called by the FAA, “On Demand” service (think bus vs. taxi).   

So you see, both types of airlines are closely and strictly regulated by the FAA to ensure high standards of safety but only with one of them can use the Flewber app to fly when you want and where you want and never will you see your neighbor in the cockpit unless he or she works for a Part 135 airline, has accumulated the required amount of “in command” flight hours and has passed the rigorous FAA certification process to be there.


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