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Getting To Know the Flewber App – Search for Private Airports by Location

Hey Flewber travelers. We hope you’re all doing well and have recovered from all of the overeating on Thanksgiving. In this blog post, we want to discuss one of the least known features of the Flewber app that may be one of the most convenient. And that would be, drumroll please, the Search by Location feature.

Search by Location is a great tool. What it does is help you find the closest airports to you and where you’re going. If you’ve ever booked a flight on one of those other airline apps; you know, the airlines that make you take off your shoes to get through security and then sit in a chair for hours drinking overpriced coffee while you wait to board? What they do is make you choose from a list of the airports that they fly into. It doesn’t matter to them how inconvenient that may be for you, those are the rules.

Well at Flewber, we knew that it could take a long time to get to and from those airports and we also knew that airports are all over the place and likely close to where you are right now. So why not let you choose the airport that works best for you? That’s why we created Search by Location. It works just like a rideshare app does. Simply tap the search by location button and all at once, a map appears on the screen of your Flewber app showing you the airports closest to where you are at the time of your search. And if that’s not where you’re leaving from, no problem, just enter the address of where you’ll be and you’ll get to choose from the airport closest to it. After that, just repeat the same steps for where you’ll be going and suddenly, getting to and from the airport will be easier than ever.

For those of you going to a special place and aren’t sure where you want to stay yet, you can even search by point of interest. Maybe you want to go see Mickey and Minnie. Type in “Disney World” and you’ll see all the closest airports to the Magic Kingdom.

So, download the Flewber app and start searching for all of the closest airports to you and where you may want to go. You’ll be amazed at how easy flying can be when you Book, Bid or Share (and search by location) on the Flewber app.


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