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Flewber’s Top 3 Tips for Bidding on Private Jet Flights

Now that the summer’s behind us, and we have a little time to take a breath before the hustle and bustle of the holiday travel season, we thought we’d share 3 tips on bidding using the Bid button in the Flewber app.

Before we start, you should know a few important facts:

  • The Bid button appears once you’ve selected your itinerary and number of passengers.

  • There’s no wrong way to bid, using the Flewber app.  Placing a bid on a flight really just comes down to personal budgets and gambling spirits.

  • We think we already offer great low prices, so luck, timing and availability play an important role in our success in matching your bid request.

Tip 1: When you want to fly matters

You may or may not realize this already, but, just like everybody else in the transportation business, private air travel has peak and off-peak times.  So, if you’re trying for the full 30% discount on a holiday or weekend, it’s going to be pretty tough for us to match you with a flight for that price. You can certainly still try, though you’re very likely to get a counter off from us. But don’t be discouraged, because you’ll still have a chance to save and may get lucky sometimes.

Tip 2: Bidding is free, easy, and limitless

At Flewber, we have a network of thousands of planes at our disposal each and every day and prices for those planes are always changing. So, if you’re bidding on a flight that isn’t scheduled to depart for a while, feel free to keep trying each day.  Oh, and when we ask for your credit card prior to letting you bid, that $1 hold that we put on it is just to make sure that you’re you and to cut down on pranksters. You always get your dollar back.

Tip 3: You can Bid & Share the same trip

Sharing a flight with friends, that’s been discounted by a Bid, means that you also get to decide how you split the cost. And that adds up to even greater savings than bidding alone. Not only does the Share button in the app make saving money even easier,  it provides everyone with inclusive access to the joyof private aviation. 

Well, that seems easy enough! Not only is bidding fun and easy, but there’s also good strategies for a more successful bid too. So, until next time, happy travels and thanks for using the Flewber app.  Where sharing, bidding, and booking a flight is always as easy as “Tap, Pack, and Go!”


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