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Flewber Takes First Flight After Mobile App Launch

Flewber, a technology platform that connects travelers with available private flights on demand, enabled its first private flight on Sept. 9 when a passenger flew from Teterboro, NJ to Syracuse, NY

New York, New York, Sept. 27, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Flewber Global Inc. (“Flewber”), a technology platform enabling travelers to book air taxi services in real-time, celebrated the first completed flight booked through its new mobile application, which launched on Sept. 9.

Flewber’s first passenger was a Bitcoin miner with a facility in upstate New York. He needed to schedule a last-minute flight for a meeting and site inspection but encountered difficulty finding a flight through legacy private charter services and virtually no commercial flights. Then, he found Flewber; it was the only platform that offered the round trip flight he needed on such short notice.

“It’s the same day, so this is the best opportunity,” he said as he prepared to board his flight. “I can fly in, do my meeting, and then fly right back.”

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The passenger added that Flewber’s mobile application was easy to set up and use, taking only one minute from download to book his flight. The flight was performed by Flewber’s wholly-owned operator; the platform will also serve to connect passengers with a broader network of Part 135 operators, expanding the available routes throughout the region.

“This is the precise experience we were hoping to create when we first started Flewber, so it’s great to see it play out in the inaugural flight,” said Marc Sellouk, founder and CEO of Flewber. “This platform has the power to connect travelers with the exact route they need, the moment they need it. Between our own fleet of aircraft and our partner network of certified Part 135 operators, regional routes throughout the greater Northeast are just a swipe away.”

There are millions of people traveling regional routes every day for business and pleasure alike. Teterboro Airport alone offered more than 36,500 flights in 2020, a supposedly down year for private aviation. But that is only one of the thousands of private airports throughout the U.S.

In California, for example, there were more than 212,000 private charter flights in 2020. Nationally, private aircraft operators already log more than 1.28 million hours of flight time every year, and demand is on the rise.

Jay Yu, Co-Founder and President of Flewber stated, “I am very pleased with the enormous effort from our team and the urgency they carry at executing our technology initiatives. Flewber’s next phases will focus on growing our user base and revenue growth.”

Flewber offers travelers flying private a simple way to book flights, even on the same day of travel. See what it’s all about and download the Flewber mobile application to book your next flight today.

About Flewber Global Inc.

Flewber Global Inc. is an innovative technology platform redefining what it means to travel in a private aircraft. Its mission to be “Simply Private” means providing passengers with an escape from crowded airports and security lines, allowing them the opportunity to unwind and relax while enjoying all the benefits of private travel (and without the high cost associated with legacy private aircraft.)

With no membership or subscription fees, Flewber’s pricing model is straightforward and cost-effective. Flewber Global Inc. leverages its state-of-the-art, proprietary mobile application and social experiences to provide air taxi services with a bespoke white glove approach for one-of-a-kind experiences.

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