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Flewber Global Inc. Appoints “Jay” Jiang Yu as President, Director and Member to the Board Whilst Launching its Next Phase of Growth

New York, New York, April 12, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Flewber Global Inc. (“Flewber”) is pleased to announce a recent strategic founding seed investment from serial entrepreneur and private investor, Jay Yu and effective immediately, Mr. Yu is assuming the role of President, accepting an appointment to the Board of Directors of the Company and is also given the title of Co-Founder.

Flewber Inc. Founder and CEO Marc Sellouk stated that, “I founded Flewber just a few years ago after sensing travel trends and seeing the potential success in innovating private air travel. After initially meeting Mr. Yu, a dynamic serial entrepreneur and visionary, I felt like the right path opened up in front of me, and he was the right person for the right team to grow Flewber and take it to the next level with the vision of keeping it ‘Simply Private’”.

Mr. Yu’s founding seed investment and appointment as Co-Founder, President and Director of Flewber Global Inc. comes with a goal of streamlining and expanding the Company’s operations, as well as the team. As such, the Company will be looking for outstanding candidates to grow its team and create additional tailwinds for its journey to make private air travel affordable with one-of-a-kind social experiences.

Now President and Director of Flewber Global Inc., Jay Yu, explained that, “When I met Marc, I knew that this idea had a lot of potential and with the right guidance, could be a real important step for the private travel industry. With my strategic early-stage capital infusion, international business relationships, taking an active leadership role and having over a decade of capital markets experience on wall street, we are now expecting Flewber Global Inc. to enter into a hyper-growth mode.”

Mr. Yu, as President together with Mr. Sellouk, Chairman and CEO, will be responsible for all executive level decisions. Mr. Yu will lead corporate structuring, capital financings, technology innovation, and international brand growth, while Mr. Sellouk will take charge of business and FAA Part 135 Operations, aircraft acquisitions, revenue growth strategies and all corporate level developments.

About Flewber Global Inc.

Flewber Global Inc. is an innovative technology platform redefining what it means to travel in a private aircraft. Its mission to be “Simply Private” means providing passengers with an escape from crowded airports and security lines, allowing them the opportunity to unwind and relax while enjoying all the benefits of private travel, without the high cost associated with legacy private aircraft. With no membership or subscription fees, the pricing model is straightforward and cost-effective. Flewber Global Inc. leverages its state-of-the-art, proprietary mobile application and social experiences to provide air taxi services with a bespoke white glove approach for one-of-a-kind experiences. For more corporate information please visit:

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