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Our Commitment

Environmental, Social, and Governance

Dear Flewber Traveler,

While it is currently impossible for any airline or air travel provider to make claims of zero emissions and or carbon free air travel, Flewber takes the issues of ESG and our environment very seriously and incorporates their good practices, wherever possible, into a part of our everyday operation in the following manner:

Empty Legs

Empty leg aircraft are so much more than just a cost or profit mechanism at Flewber, as they are with other charter providers.  At Flewber, we strive to secure empty legs for our customers, wherever possible, as it prevents another aircraft’s carbon footprint from entering the air we all breathe and want to leave cleaner for generations to follow. We believe in this “Green AOG” (Aircraft On Ground) model so much, that we’ve even incorporated it into our Flewber app by way of our “Bid” feature.  The feature that is meant to pass on both, empty leg savings and environmental peace of mind to our customers.

Carriers With Carbon Offset Programs

Flewber always looks to secure a flight for you, our valued and environmentally conscious customers, with carriers that subscribe to carbon offset programs as yet another way of trying to keep each flight that you take as environmentally friendly as possible.  We know that carbon offset programs alone are not the only answer to a better environment, but they are a useful arrow to have in our sustainability quiver.

Sustainable Fuels

As the number of available, sustainable fuel driven airlines grow, Flewber pledges to you that we will always keep them at the top of our list of safe and reliable airlines.  We pledge this to you because we know that safety in air travel is as much about your well being as it is our planet’s.

In closing, you can rest assured that as aviation sustainability advances, Flewber will advance right along with it, in every way that we can, while still providing you with the travel experience that has become synonymous with the Flewber name.

Thank you for choosing Flewber.

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