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Commercial Air Travelers Broke the Sound Barrier 46 Years Ago. Now in 2022, the Flewber App is Moving Over 600,000 Times Faster

It was on a cold Wednesday in January 1976, when at 11:40 UTC, 6:40am Eastern Time in the U.S., that two Concordes, one from British Airways and the other from Air France, departed simultaneously from their home countries. The London flight was headed to Bahrain, and the Paris flight to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil via Senegal in West Africa.. This day marked a milestone achievement in aviation history, as never before could a civilian passenger buy a ticket for a flight on an aircraft that flew faster than the speed of sound. Sadly, the Concorde proved to not be profitable and flew its last commercial flight on October 24th, 2003.

In the 19 years since the last flight of the Concorde, there have been few if any innovations for air travelers except for the new and innovative ways commercial airlines have come up with to charge extra fees.  That all changed with the launch of the Flewber app in 2019. 

Many people don’t know this but, information on the internet moves  close to the speed of light, at about 124,000 miles per second, or over 600,000 times the speed of sound.  Flewber will once again harness that speed in the first quarter of this year, when we will add  our new “Book or Bid” platform to the Flewber app,  which is currently booking non-stop short range flights for our customers, allowing  them to bypass the typical hub and spoke system of commercial airlines. Also being released with Book or Bid, Flewber will be giving its users the ability to book private jets between any two points in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean.

Book or Bid, the brainchild of Flewber’s Chairman and CEO, Marc Sellouk, will give users of our app two options for confirming a flight.  The “Book Now” option will allow a user to instantly book their flight at Flewber’s already low prices and the “Bid” option, which Flewber sources via the vast array of empty legs in our marketplace, to try to match the bid price as closely as possible and save the user up to 40% off of our list pricing.

When this second  generation of the Flewber app launches later in the first quarter, we trust that you’ll also get excited when you experience the new and innovative ways we’ve come up with to search for flights on our app. This reimagined focus on origin/destination input and selection is designed to allow users more of a true point to point experience.

So, stay tuned, because the team at Flewber is more than just committed to making sure that you’re going to love flying again.  We’re committed to making it as simple, easy and affordable as it can be; Simply Private


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