A New Way to Get Around

Our new Flewber Hops are based on the premise that we shouldn’t have to wait for tomorrow to deliver what is needed today.

Based in New York, the initial deployment of  Flewber Hops will service a region from Boston to Washington D.C. with Personal Air Mobility ridesharing. As demand for our service increases, so to will our scalable regional deployment.

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Existing Infrastructure and Flewber
Hops. The Catalyst For Change.

The local airport you may not have even known existed will soon be a catalyst for change in how you travel. It will be a gateway from your doorstep to the rest of the world. It will make sure that your community has rapid access to local and regional flights.

Time, Cost And Flewber Hops.

Traveling with the Flewber Hops will allow you to travel significantly faster and at prices that would be comparable to a land based rideshare on local routes and a first-class ticket on regional routes.

Hops Rideshare Comparison
Hops Airline Comparison

Modern Comfort, Sustainability and Safety.

In advance of the availability of eVTOL aircraft, all Flewber Hops will be flown in the Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet and operated by our own FAA certificated air-taxi. The SF50 has the largest cabin in its class, is equipped with autonomous landing capabilities and uses only a quarter of the fuel of similar aircraft. Additionally, the SF50 is the only aircraft in its class that can run on sustainable biofuel.

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