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Checked Carry-on Bags? Yes, you read that right.

(Part of a new series, finding humor in current aviation news)

And the Oxymoron Award goes to… Delta Airlines – for  what Delta is calling a “pilot project designed to encourage more Delta flyers to check their carry-on bags rather than bring them down the jet bridge”.  The Atlanta based airline had a month-long program on flights leaving their Boston hub.  

During the month of February, Delta texted passengers departing Boston, on the day of their flight, a message encouraging them to check their carryon bags for “free”.  The program, Delta says, is being conducted as an attempt to speed up the efficiency of the boarding process. 

When writing blogs or articles for our newsletter, I always like to do a fair amount of research on the subject matter and anything else that may pertain to it.  One of the items that I looked up for this blog post was how did Delta get its name?  Like many, I assumed, based on the shape of its logo, that it was derived from the fourth letter of the Greek Alphabet.  Well readers, I was wrong.  The name Delta comes from the Mississippi Delta Region, where Delta got its start as a crop-dusting company in 1928.  The moment that I  gathered this useless knowledge, it all made sense. Just like the use of the “free” in Delta’s statement regarding the pilot project, it’s more than likely that Delta is full of “crop”.

It’s fair  to question just how long Delta would keep an oxymoronic program like this one free as according to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, Delta alone made over $1 billion dollars in checked bag fees in 2019.  It really makes you wonder what Delta or other commercial carriers will think of next.  Maybe “standup-seating” is in our future?

But, rest assured Travelers (yes that’s a plug for the Flewber newsletter which you should subscribe to in the footer of this web site  if you haven’t already), that when you book a flight with Flewber, your carryon bag will be just that; carried onto the plane.  You also won’t have to worry about silly things like boarding efficiency either, as once you get on the plane, it’s fully boarded.  So, download our app, choose a destination, and know that everything that you placed in your carryon will be there with you.


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