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Booking a Private Flight for Super Bowl LVI? It’s Already the 4th Quarter

Soccer fans may cringe, but the Super Bowl is still the biggest sports attraction in the world.  It has given fans some of the greatest moments in sports history; from Namath’s guarantee against the heavily favored Colts to David Tyree’s improbable catch of an Eli Manning pass which helped the Giants secure a victory that ruined the Patriots bid for a perfect season.

The Super Bowl is also a day that private aviation companies, such as Flewber  work all year in preparation for.  As this article is being written, FBOs are finalizing staffing and catering plans, pilots are being scheduled and maintenance & cleaning crews are making sure that the private aircraft that you want to book for the big game are ready.  Of course, that’s if you don’t wait much longer to book your flight.

Yes, you read that last sentence right.  We don’t even know all the teams that are going to make the playoffs, but if you want to be at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles on February 13th for kickoff, the clock is already running out of time for you to make your private air charter reservation for the big game.  

For private aviation, the Super Bowl makes Davos look like a little league game.  And it’s more than the availability of aircraft that has procrastinators in peril.  It’s a four-letter word that evokes fear in the mind of even the most seasoned aviation veteran; that word is “Slot”.  Because of the sheer volume of private flights that will be going in and out of the Los Angeles area airports for the Super Bowl, FBOs and airports alike, have only a limited number of landing and takeoff slots that they can assign.  And, once they’re gone, you’ll have to resign yourself to a flat screen and homemade snacks.

Luckily, we’re still just before the two-minute warning, and if you act fast, the sales professionals at Flewber Luxe are ready to complete a Hail Mary to get you there.  And for those of us whose teams were out of contention weeks ago, we’ll be looking for you in the stands as we watch the game at home.


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