Not The Round Trip Flight They Booked

If you have siblings, I’m sure that you remember that familiar refrain from family road trips. The car would be packed, gassed up and ready to go, when as soon as mom or dad would grab the car keys, it was a race to be the first to yell “Shotgun!” as loud and fast as.. Read more
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Taking The Plane To The Bus?  That’s Not Going To Fly at Flewber.

We’ve all had those moments in life.  You’re just going about your daily routine when suddenly, you see, hear, or read something that causes you to wonder if you’re being “Punk’d” - you look for the hidden cameras, wonder who devised this brilliant scheme to pull a fast one on you, or check the calendar.. Read more
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The New and Revamped Flewber App Dropped Today!

It’s with great excitement that we are happy to announce that the latest version of the Flewber app is out today, Tuesday, April 19th.  This new release drives more connectivity through shared experiences. Connecting users to each other as well as providing access to a marketplace of true on-demand, regional (Flewber Xpress), and long-range (Flewber.. Read more
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Will The Flying Public Mask Their Feelings?

Earlier today, a U.S. District Court Judge overturned the  mask mandate for planes and other modes of transportation.  As a result of the judge’s ruling, the TSA will not be enforcing the mandate that had just recently been   extended for another 15 days.  This  ruling has the potential to unleash pandemonium across airports and..

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Private Aviation is “Going to the Dogs” and It’s a Good Thing for the Industry

Since the onset of the pandemic, private aviation has seen a historic increase in usage in the United States, but the worldwide trend is equally impressive.  Hong Kong, for instance, has had some of the world’s strictest COVID policies. These policies are leaving non-residents barred from entering the city, while residents who have gotten out.. Read more
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Checked Carry-on Bags? Yes, you read that right.

(Part of a new series, finding humor in current aviation news)And the Oxymoron Award goes to… Delta Airlines - for  what Delta is calling a “pilot project designed to encourage more Delta flyers to check their carry-on bags rather than bring them down the jet bridge”.  The Atlanta based airline had a month-long program on.. Read more
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Flying Above the Noise

Circumnavigating an airline industry rebound in an era of feigned grievances. These can be turbulent times to start, grow or maintain an airline if you don’t mute out the noise.  I’m not referring to profit and loss, although some commercial airlines might argue that point, but more so from sociological, environmental and health perspectives. Some.. Read more
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Commercial Air Travelers Broke the Sound Barrier 46 Years Ago. Now in 2022, the Flewber App is Moving Over 600,000 Times Faster

It was on a cold Wednesday in January 1976, when at 11:40 UTC, 6:40am Eastern Time in the U.S., that two Concordes, one from British Airways and the other from Air France, departed simultaneously from their home countries. The London flight was headed to Bahrain, and the Paris flight to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil via.. Read more
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Let Flewber Help You Give the Gift of a Perfect Destination for a Romantic Getaway This Valentine’s Day.

We know that it’s been a tough two years to show the one you love just how much you care about them on Valentine’s Day. So, with February 14th falling on a Monday this year, why not give the gift of a three- day getaway to that special place and let Flewber help you make.. Read more
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Booking a Private Flight for Super Bowl LVI? It’s Already the 4th Quarter

Soccer fans may cringe, but the Super Bowl is still the biggest sports attraction in the world.  It has given fans some of the greatest moments in sports history; from Namath’s guarantee against the heavily favored Colts to David Tyree’s improbable catch of an Eli Manning pass which helped the Giants secure a victory that.. Read more
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